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MV Agusta 175 CSS Squalo Bialbero


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MV Agusta 175 CSS Squalo, bi-albero
This bike has been developed for road racing based on the original 175 overhead cam single cylinder lay-out. Its closed cradle frame was almost identical to the grand prix 125 bi-albero racers. Ignition in this bike was by an external magneto at the left side of the engine. It6 was equipped with a five-speed gearbox, had a still wider finned engine head to allow for longer valve springs, and the CSS inter adjustable cam.
This was the bike Mike Hailwood started his recognized series of race wins with. Only 113 bikes were made. A small series of these bikes were adopted with removable frame parts at the top. This was necessary to work on the engine with the double camshaft head. This double camshaft head was available as an extra at extremely high costs. Only 10 or so were made. A modified and lightened front suspension, earless type, as on some of the grand prix racers, was used. The tank was designed for long distances and could hold 22 liters.
This version was only available in 1954 and 1955 The engine was an up tuned form of the CSS lay-out, Â and the maximum rpm reached now 8.800. Cam lift was a considerable 8,4 mm, and inlet and outlet cams were driven by a series of seven gears. The cylinder head had much greater cooling fin area. Compression ratio was still slightly higher by means of a high dome piston.

Frame number: 409924/5V
Engine number: 401250 SS
MV Agusta Historic Register registration: # 0220
Principal characteristics:
Displacement: 172,4 cc
Bore and stroke: 59,5 x 62 mm
Compression ratio: 9.5 : 1
Overhead cam: Chain drive, cam lift 8.4 mm
Power: 18 hp/8.800 rpm
Ignition: External magneto
Carburetor: Dell-Orto SSI 25
Transmission: Five gears, however, this bike has the standard four gears
Brakes: Front drum 180 mm, rear drum 150 mm
Wheels, tyres: Alloy, 19 inch, front 2.50 inch, rear 2.75 inch
Dry weight: 95 kg
Maximum speed: 145 km / h







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